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Wrote by: Aniket Limani|12 min read|

As a user experience designer, you want to solve their challenges and problems. You research your target users, prototype your ideas, test your products for usability … And importantly, you want your end users to benefit from your products. After all, what is the point of your efforts if no one will use what comes of them? Even the most user-friendly products can get snubbed by people. …

Simpleness provides harmony, freedom, and happiness. The minute we start to live simply and experience these perks, we start to ask the next question, “Just where else in my lifestyle can I get rid of distraction and merely pay attention to the important?

1) Your Time Commitments — The majority of us have filled our whole days full from beginning to end with time commitments: your job, home, kid’s activities, society events, spiritual endeavors, leisure activities … the list goes on. Whenever possible, discharge yourself from the time obligations that are not in accordance with your leading values.

2) Your…

The Year of the Ox : Everything you need to know.

The Year of the Ox: Everything You Need to Know

With the Year of the Rat almost over (and many of us breathing a sigh of relief), the Year of the Ox is next, beginning Feb. 12. Until then enjoy our guide to everything you need to know about this hardworking bovine.

When is the Year of the Ox?

This year! More specifically, Feb. 12 until Jan. 30, 2021. Because the Chinese zodiac runs on a 12-year cycle, your animal comes up every dozen years. Still not sure if you’re the Year of the Ox? Check out our handy zodiac chart.

Kindness killed the ox’s chance of winning

When the mythical Jade Emperor…

Aniket Limani

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