My Life-changing story


Hello, Aniket Limani here, I am a UX/UI designer, Entrepreneur, and also Product Designer.

My life-changing journey begins in the year 2020 ( The year of Rat & Corona Pandemic ) At that year I have just completed my 12th board with the scary stream: Science. At that time we are living in Nashik, Maharashtra India. In the month of FEB, I completed my 12th board final exam and went to Ahemdabad in month of March. I remember that CORONA was newly introduced to everyone at that time last year, when I was on the way to Ahmedabad, the Indian government announced the Janta Curfyu on the 21st of March. We got panic and stepped return to home(In Nashik).

Corona was founded in China, But mostly affected the middle-class families of India, most of us become unemployed, I think which is too scary. The life of Every Middle-class families of India become helpless till the 6 months from March. I remember people use to say, that this the biggest holiday of all time for everybody. In the pandemic we everyone sawed the news related to Corona and the unemployment, which forced me to think about my future, that what if the same condition appears again in future and if i became unemployed , we have to stay prepared for this from beginning. So, I started research on the different ways to get prepared for unemployment, i found that most of the videos, podcasts, articles have the same answers that you should start your own business and become a entrepreneur. I hered the word entrepreneur for the first time, so again i started searching on this term “entrepreneur” and started understanding the term properly.

As belonging to the science stream i am very interested in the coding field, so i setuped my goal that i will start my future journey in tech field. After it i joined my friends Digital Marketing Agency, i was a SEO expert at that agency and worked on more than 4 projects, but i felt that i was on the wrong trek, that i am not working in the filed which i am passionate about. So, as common i left that agency after 2 months. after it i thinked that i should start my own startup related to website development. In the very beginning of the startup i am failed to scale and market it properly because of lack of money and not passionate. I tried for more than 3 months to get a client, but i got failed. So i decided to quiet it. After it i felt very depressed, lonely. Once my mother told me that i should take a break and find that what i am passionate about. So, i did the same and started finding my passionate. At that time i recognised that i feel very happy when i see some creativity related to design and also feel happy to code from beginning. So, i started search on the filed which is combination of designing and coding. And guess what i got it, the UX/UI designing and developing field i was really impressed by this field and start researching more related to this field. After some days i applied for the online courses for this and practiced a lot for more than 3 months. And now i am working with the peer based learning platform called “tangled” as a ‘Head of Designs’, i am also the brand ambassador at Avita India, also working as an freelancer and completed more than 4 freelance client project. And finally i have a startup which provides services related to the UX/UI designing and developing and also offer courses for it. And now i am happy about what i am and what i am doing.

I started this Blog writing to improve myself more and to connect with more people.

Some tips :Always work in the field you passionate about, take a break and think twice what are you doing.

I will stay posted some articles related to the UX/UI designing and any more. so don’t forget to subscribe the blog and stay connected. Thank you.

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